Hiking Linville Gorge: Part One


Background: The Linville Gorge Wilderness is one of the most rugged hikes in the American East. The opposite of well-worn and accessible, the Linville Gorge loop is rough, untamed, and a serious challenge to experienced hikers alike.

This trip was planned out over several weeks, and tackled by two friends with years of experience and equipment under their belts. Even then, parts of the trip has us whining for a hot meal and our own beds. But it’s a box certainly worth checking off the hiking bucket list. Continue reading

My Top Ten Games of 2014


2014 was one of the more gaming-light years of my life, which has been an interesting realization for me. I parted with a company I spent many years with and graduated college, started boxing, hiked more than I ever have, and started a career at a company I really dig.

In 2014, there just wasn’t as much time allotted to games as usual… and games have been a very important hobby to me since my early childhood. I still love them, but other parts of life take priority — as they healthily should.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have at least ten great games I really enjoyed and really recommend! Because I certainly do! Continue reading

Coding: Python is Awesome, But Budding Programmers be Wary

I spent four years at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying computer science. In that near half decade, I gleaned knowledge from some of the best programmers and engineers I’ve ever known. I learned languages like C++, Java, Ruby, and Android, and systems like Win/Mac/Linux and Rails.

Post-college I’m doing Unix, Hadoop and Python. And while the first is traditional and a solid backbone of computing knowledge to have, it’s the latter two that have lit a new creative fire in me. Even more so with the third, Python. And heck, I’ve been using it a TON lately.

Python is an incredible language — from its structure, natural language tendency, and sheer power and light weight, to massive support from the CS community. A word of caution to up and coming programmers, computer scientists, and engineers though… Continue reading

Summarized Thoughts on ‘Destiny': Disappointing Greatness


Just to open up…

Not in a long time have I been so torn on my feelings for a game than I currently am with Destiny. For those just tuning in, Destiny is the latest blockbuster game from the studio (Bungie) that brought you the original Halo Trilogy, ODST and Reach. It released bearing loads of hefty promise on its back, and nearly two years of immeasurable hype and marketing push.

And frankly, I’m a little disappointed. Continue reading

Camping in the Linville Gorge (Pine Gap Trail)


My little sister had her 21st birthday this week, and she’s also closing in on graduating college this year. As she’s a lot like me, very outdoorsy and pretty rough and tough, we decided we should go camping. Sure, we could have gone to a campground nearby or somewhere along the parkway, but being avid hikers and the adventurous type, we figured it was high time we go camping somewhere a bit more rugged.

Continue reading

Hiking Mt. Mitchell — Highest Peak East of the Mississippi


Last weekend, I decided it was high time I get back out on the trails after nearly two months of working full-time and not doing much else besides meeting new colleagues and spending time with them. And while new friends are all well and good, I needed a bit of a personal breather up in the mountains to properly clear my head and reset. So after looking around at what peaks I haven’t conquered in the Carolina portfolio, I settled on Mt. Mitchell.

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