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Stumped: A New Woodworking Blog Series

For my entire life, I’ve been surrounded by wood, bark, leaves, and stumps in some form. Continue reading “Stumped: A New Woodworking Blog Series”

Fun Waterfall Hike: Glen Burney Falls Trail (Blowing Rock, NC)

On Thanksgiving, I was visiting my parents in the mountains. My father, not necessarily an avid hiker but certainly an outdoorsman (who hiked Acadia with me last summer), knew I was going for a hike and joined up. We needed a hike…

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Tackling the Tanawha Trail (Blowing Rock, NC)

The Tanawha Trail is a diverse, well-marked 13.5 mile trail that runs from Julian Price Park to Bean Heights Overlook. It runs along the Blue Ridge Parkway, makes up a chunk of the Mountains-to-Sea trail, and waddles around Grandfather Mountain.

You should hike it. Continue reading “Tackling the Tanawha Trail (Blowing Rock, NC)”

Hiking the AT with my Little Sister: Carver’s Gap & Roan Highlands

I’m in love with the Appalachian Trail. The peace, tranquility, and breathtaking views are abundant on the AT, and I’ve only seen the NC parts by and large (the whole thing stretches from Georgia to Maine, if you didn’t know)!

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Recommended Hike: Big Lost Cove Cliffs (Blue Ridge Parkway, NC)

Sunday was a beautiful day in North Carolina, so my buddy David and I saw it fitting to find and explore a new hike after church. I decided on something close(r) to Charlotte (where I live), but still up in the Pisgah/Grandfather district. I pulled out some maps and found Big Lost Cove Cliffs, a 3.5 mile round trip hike with some stellar views of the Linville range, Blowing Rock, Sugar Mtn, and more.

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Hiking Linville Gorge: Part Three

Background: The Linville Gorge Wilderness is one of the most rugged hikes in the American East. The opposite of well-worn and accessible, the Linville Gorge loop is rough, untamed, and a serious challenge to experienced hikers alike.

This trip was planned out over several weeks, and tackled by two friends with years of experience and equipment under their belts. Even then, parts of the trip has us whining for a hot meal and our own beds. But it’s a box certainly worth checking off the hiking bucket list.

If you missed part one and/or part two, now’s a good time to go check them out. :)

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