I’ve got something brewing on the YouTube channel right now, and it’s something that I’ve been pushing for, for quite some time actually.

I’ve been creating new series’ this year, including that of Minecraft, Forge, and Halo, as usual. My goal with the channel is to provide content that you can’t find as easily on YouTube, content thats unique to my channel.

You’ll find no commentaries on my channel. No Call of Duty: Black Ops, no Halo Reach commentaries, unless I’m using it incidentally in the background to support a structured announcement. Also, I don’t count the Minecraft videos as commentaries, but more or less as “Let’s Plays”, where I have a specific gameplay goal, and I provide live narration as I play, as it adds entertainment value.

Now hear me out, I have no issue with commentators in any way, in fact I play games with them all the time, and I’m good friends with them. My point is that my channel is not about gameplay commentaries.

It’s about Forge, tutorials, and machinima.

That’s what I do. In relevance to that, I’ll be working on a video to announce a very cool “addition” to the channel as a whole, and it’s something you guys have been urging me to do for a very long time.

(Hint: It’s hidden in the tags)

As this channel grows, and you guys flock more and more to my channel, I want to provide more of the content that YOU want, instead of me just guessing.

What do you want to see? Answer below!