Oh how the Machinima community has changed. I can remember the days that I used to upload Halo 3 machinima’s, Forge Tutorials, and even silly videos in the engine. I can remember huge fanbases based around single directors and their studios.

But now, What remains?

What’s the community turned into but a bunch of foul mouthed, trashy 13 year olds who can’t produce a comment with more fervor than “FIRST!!!11!” or “Thumbs UP FOR _____” or even ” BOYCOTT THE NEW YOUTUBEE IT SUXKZ LOLOLOL”.

Are there any viewers out there actually enjoy the content that content creators work so hard to make, and make an effort to thank them and congratulate their efforts? Of course there are.

They’re just hard to find among the sea of idiots that is the YouTube community. Now, like I said, this obviously isn’t everyone.

It’s incredibly dissatisfying to spend an entire winter break writing, scripting, recording, editing, and FX’ing a series of videos that everyone ask’s for, and then the views are pitiful.

Granted, the comments are all completely and totally positive, and for that I’m completely grateful for all of them.

Sometimes, I feel that all the enjoyment I used to get out of creating videos/machinima is sucked away by the negativity of the community at times, but I’m hoping there will be a turn-a-round sooner than later.

Sorry if this article appears as a downer, it was not intended to be. Though sometimes I feel that sharing my thoughts with others is the best way to handle some situations.

However, this is not affecting any of my YouTube or video content in any way. I still love making videos, and I’ll do so into the foreseeable future.

I’ll see you all online!