This is a comment made by an individual on the Kickstart page for the Minecraft documentary:


– Doesn’t take much time when you steal code.

– Minecraft doesn’t deserve a documentary. It’s an unfinished game by a fat, lazy “developer”.

 – Yeah, all that diving and we got shitty squid. Please. He wasn’t diving for research purposes.

– Entirely by himself? Are you kidding me? He stole half the source code from an earlier game. 

Even if you don’t care for Minecraft, even if you don’t care for Notch, the whole point of this pledge is to donate to the guys who spent their time creating an interesting documentary for those who are interested.

I donated money because I’ve been looking forward to the documentary myself for quite some time, and I really enjoyed the outcome. The guys at 2P Productions show professional grade quality in their work, and it shines in how in depth this documentary is.

If you don’t want to donate, then by all means, don’t. The Minecraft community doesn’t care if you do or not. We enjoy the game for what it is, and that’s outstanding in its creativity.

In addition to that, Notch did not “steal” code. He’s referenced the developers of the source code, and even gave them slight credit. But take a look at the tech videos for the original source code. It was sloppy. It was dry. It didn’t even offer the ability to interact. There was no world generator. There were no trees, no animals, no player even! They took a very dry and simple template of essential Lego blocks, and made it into a living world.

I congratulate Notch on his perpetual success so far, and Godspeed to him, and 2P productions.

If you want to donate, then by all means, throw them a bone. They can at least make up for the cost of the flight to Sweden for heavens sake.