The above picture is iAmSp00n being chased by a Creeper on his livestream.

As you know, I haven’t uploaded to the channel for an entire week. As some of you closer to me know, I’m burdened with college courses. I have class all day everyday, upwards of 18 credit hours, for those of you who understand that jargon.

Well here’s the GOOD news!

You were waiting for that, weren’t you?

Anyway, this weekend, I’ve got some free time. I’ve got my assignments done early, I’ll have little to no homework to do, and that means FREE TIME TO DO EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.

Play Minecraft. But not just play it, make videos including single player journeys, Multiplayer Shenanigans, MC 101, and even….a livestream. Yes dear friends, I’ve entered the realm of livestreaming. This motivation has come from no other than iAmSp00n and some good friends at machinima who hosted the Black Ops stream (aka the Respawn Team).

I’ve been approved for a streaming channel on It’s there where I’ll be livestreaming my Minecraft and Forging shenanigans. Along with that, while I play with friends, I’ll be reading your questions and talking to all of you guys.

More details on that livestream coming up this week, so stay tuned for that. In other news, the videos that I make this weekend will go up as follows:

Saturday: Minecraft 101 (New Episode)

Sunday: MP Shenanigans Video*

Monday-Friday:  At least two new videos of some form in Minecraft or Forge. Probably both.

*If I play with friends this weekend, I will do this.

Other than that folks, thanks for reading and being apart of the community that I’ve always wanted.

I ❤ all of you.


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