I hate this feeling. I hate when I sink so much time into something, when I put alot of effort into making something that an audience would enjoy and they freaking hate it.

Here’s a rough description of the “machinima” viewing audience:

Age: usuallyl 12-17 (roughly)

They prefer:

  • Dick Jokes
  • Blatant Sexual references
  • Excessive Screaming

It’s a tad dissapointing. I used to make videos that I enjoyed, that I loved watching myself. I made Forge videos, tutorials, and the occasional machinima. They’ve typically received a good response. For example, take these videos:



These were my first two machinima’s. Sure, they’re not the most theatrical in the world, but they were funny. People enjoyed the silly humor for what it was, silly humor. I didn’t have excuisite plot lines, insane twists, or phenomenal voice acting, but people still liked it.

The audience today, not the same. At all.

The audience today likes the things listed above, even more crazy humor, but all sexual and blatant.

That’s not all bad, as some shows do it right, however, when I try to put up a video like one’s of the past, people tear it apart. They rip it to shreds. They tell me to quit, die and never make videos again.

This doesn’t affect me in any sort of emotional of physical way, but it brings about the question, why? Why is it hated on so much when I present a silly and humorous video in exactly that format? It’s supposed to be dumb and silly, that’s what people SAY they enjoy.

But, I digress. I will not be making any more machinima. Well, not like that anyways.

I’m done with humor, I’m done with trying to tell stories. Well, I’m not going to upload it to machinima, as the audience obviously doesn’t support that type of video. Not to say they don’t support story driven machinima, because some of the time they do, if it’s something they really like.

But, I would not say my video was bad. I definitely wouldn’t vouch that it was horrible. But the audience seems to think different.

On another note, I’m not a commentator. I don’t like doing commentaries. I don’t play Call of Duty to get a high score, record it, and talk about my summer plans. I make videos that I enjoy.

I enjoy making Forge videos (like I originally did), I enjoy making tutorials that help people in games (like this one), and I love making video game content all around.

But, as machinima shifts away from story driven, comedy sketch style videos and shorts, and more towards commentaries, gameplays and let’s plays, I don’t see my part in that.

I love partnering with Machinima. It was one of my proudest moments 2 years ago when I was asked to join. I’d worked, made video after video, and people watched content on my channel. It was exciting to get to be considered a director for one of the biggest up and coming video distributors on the internet, as well as the world.

I love Machinima, and I love the things they’re doing. They’re progressing in ways that companies around the world would be envious of. They work hard, they suit the needs of the audience, and they know what they’re doing. I have not met a staff member of Machinima that I didn’t like, and I’ve met a good handful of them.

But this isn’t about them. It’s about the people, the audience, and the content creators.

I think of names of people that I used to talk to, work with, and play Halo 3 with between recordings. Names of Directors and video creators that half of the machinima community wouldn’t even recognize anymore. They’ve become so overly-numb to machinima that they don’t even recognize it when it’s in front of them anymore.

And writing comments like:

  • “This is SHIT”
  • I’d rather watch RVB
  • Go die this video sucks

 Those comments aren’t progressive. They’re garbage, they’re junk. They don’t provide any feedback to the creator. If you have a problem with the video, state it.

I’m done typing for the night, but I’ve come to an impass that is both saddening to me, but is dissapointing in the scope of all the projects I’ve worked so hard on over these past 3 years.

I’ll continue to make machinima related content, but I’m going to do what I want, everyone else is. I’m not going to make machinima any longer if it’s only going to net rude comments and insubordinate behavior from youth on the internet.

I’m now absolutely NUMB to comments like ” I MISS OLD MACHINIMA” and “WHY DOES MACHINIMA POST THIS POOPY VIDEO”.

I’m no longer going to try and revive something that I once cared about, something I loved doing, just for the sole purpose of reviving something that can’t be revived. The machinima of the early days is gone. The humor of the audience has evolved (or devolved, I should say) to a point that users expect every video to be perfect, hilarious, and make them want to die of laughter.

This post is long enough, but it’s best to put things where people can find it, if they want to find it.

This won’t be on Facebook, and it won’t be on twitter (unless I can get that stupid auto-post feature to turn off).

It’s saddening really. When I post a video and see more dislikes than likes, when I see comments shouting how astronomically terrible they thought the video was, it’s just depressing.

Maybe I don’t see it, maybe I do. But I was around in the early days of machinima, I remember.

Remember Inside Gaming? I was around for the first episode. In fact, I was there when it was Inside Halo, and it’s first episode.

Remember SodaGod? Yeah, he was the first host, I remember that too. Remember when you had to watch videos ON machinima.com?

I do. I uploaded every video I made to that site. Why?

Because I loved machinima. I loved that I could create something (typically low cost) and put it out for others to enjoy and watch.

This is not the case anymore. Everyone and their mother makes machinima (and they have the right), and even more people make commentaries.

Machinima was a great springboard for me. It allowed me to pump my creative juices into something and immediately reep the benefits of user reaction and feedback. I loved making videos, but now it feels like I’m just making videos to make them.

I’ve discovered a love for the craft of writing. I’ve focused more of my time into journalism and writing than I have for machinima. Why? Because I get more satisfaction from it. I can spend several hours creating a machinima and get awful feedback and terrible comments, or I can spend an equal amount of time writing about games, reviewing them, or creating features about topics within the industry.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a greater ratio of videos that people love as opposed to dislike, I believe that. I have people that tell me they love my videos and tell me I’m funny and good at what I do.

I understand that not everything can be a hit with everyone, and I’m absolutely fine with that. But what has to be said, what has to be known is that things change. Audiences change, creators change, things just change.


People will ask, what does this whole post mean? Are you going to stop making videos?

Answer: Of course not. I still love doing this, and I derive great joy from it, but I need to suit what I create for the audience, I can’t just create something I enjoy and expect others to reflect the same array of feeling onto it.

I’m shifting focus at this point in my life. 

I’m focused on writing, schoolwork, and the game industry. I’ll continue to make content for machinima for as long they’ll have me, and I retain the same love for it.

This content will just be based on things I like. I’m making more forge videos. More Minecraft (building/tutorial) videos, and just funny stuff. I don’t want to try and fit a quota anymore.

If people are going to make what they love and throw it up on a screen because they love it, then so will I. 

Thanks for all your support, it means more than you know. The internet is full of haters and jerks, plain and simple.

I’m glad you’re not one of them.