What’s this? Time to relax in my hammock? Blasphemy!

Hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been busy as always with school, pumping out a video once a week or so. Scheduling is hectic, but it’s working.

Wanted to talk a bit about how my uploads are ever changing and how they’re different from what I used to create, while at the same time, similar.

When I first started making videos, I made Forge videos and tutorials with a machinima twist. It fit me perfectly.

Now, I still do that. Except now, my focus has changed lightly. I still do Forge (via Forge101), but I also make content that pertains to my writing as a journalist (via Portal 2 review).

I’m not changing, my interests are. So don’t worry, I’ll be making videos for a while, maybe just not as childish as you remember.