A relaxing blog post tonight. Filled with pictures.

For some of you unaware, I consider myself a big RVB fan. Actually, I consider myself an all around RoosterTeeth fan. I enjoy pretty much every piece of content that comes from those guys.

I participate a good amount in the community, including my fair share of events like PAX and RVB gatherings. However, RoosterTeeth hasn’t had their own event that was hosted by them for the fans at any point, until now that is. 

RTX or “Rooster Texas” or better yet the “RoosterTeeth Expo”, was created this year and happened in Austin just last weekend at the RT offices.

I was able to attend as anticipated. I have pictures for you.

Joel (Voice of Caboose)

Gus (Voice of Simmons)

Geoff (Achievement Hunter / Voice of Grif)

For more pictures from RTX and to be apart of the community, go here.