*Note, these are my initial reactions to the announcement. Having seen demo’s post announcement, my theories and ideal opinion of the console were altered. You can read my current thoughts on the system at this link.

—Reaction to the WiiU Announcement—

Well Nintendo, you’re officially off the deep end. I’ve been awaiting the announcement of your next console, and you did it. You’ve lost a loyal and longtime fan.

Let’s talk about Wii 2.

The name…it’s stupid. It’s really stupid. You try to find a hybrid between hardcore and casual..and you choose to stick with the Wii branding. Doesn’t surprise me.

MORE motion control? Seriously? And what’s with that god-awful controller/screen/tablet thing? Gimmicks.

It looks JUST like a Wii. Sure it has HD graphics, but it’s not about that.

And the SOLE reason for me to own a WiiU is Smash Bros. How can they have the nerve to announce something so great and make it EXCLUSIVE to that system.

I’ll give Nintendo a chance, but if the prices are ridiculous, consider me not sold.