Alright, I’m going to keep this brief.

You (the viewer) were having issues with my upload capacity not reaching its full potential over the past month. This is based on the fact that my computer went haywire and was refusing to render videos or accomplish any editing.

That period of tyranny has now ended.

I’ve abolished the issues from the realm of my hard drive and am ready to start pumping out some more OptimumForge style content. What does this mean?

More of:

My Journalistic Opinion on Games.

More adventures in Minecraft.

AND OF COURSE, Original Machinima.

That’s right. For those of you that know me from way back in the day, I used to create Original comedic and action Machinima, though I still do, just not as often or for YouTube.

I’ll be bringing that back with a few surprises, one including a AAA title coming out this fall. Can you guess what it is?

Regardless, thanks for sticking with me, I’ll be uploading more very soon.