Headed to PAX Prime!

As each summer season passes, I debate on whether or not I should hit the show of the year up, or save the money. Typically, I lean towards the latter.

This year, that changes. As I’ve worked my way into editorial writing for Video Games (ever so slowly), I’ve felt more and more driven to put my funds toward attending these events and honing my skills as a writer.

Also, as a Halo fanboy, I felt it impossible to skip the first ever HaloFest, a large part of PAX Prime.

I’m excited to get some work under my belt at yet another convention. I’ve got an excel sheet full of developer and publisher appointments, so I’ll be busy busy.

Also, I’ll be assisting my friends at RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter at their booth, so come by and play some HORSE with us!

I love you all, thanks for reading. Now if you’ll excuse me, I owe Knuckles Dawson one Epic Hug.