Think of this like an editorial, except much shorter and in blog form.

College is a tiring but necessary part of my life. I’m nearly halfway done, but so far it’s been downright exhausting. Every semester is the same. Max out my credit hours, spend copious amounts of time in the library, and hit a party or two after exam week.

Summer comes, I usually have an Internship of some sort. It’s not set in stone each summer, as I’ve worked for two different fortune 100 companies each one. I don’t want to say it’s all luck(I work really hard), but I’ve been blessed with a challenging but great job each time.

In all of this, I’m taking a full set of summer courses, in some desperate attempt to get ahead, maybe graduate early.

When I’m not doing that, it’s Cross Country training. After that, free time is writing about games. Why would I use up my remaining moments in the day to write news, previews, and opinion pieces?

Well, the same reason I go to shows and events. The same reason I skip parties, go to my hotel room and write more. Because I Love Games. They’ve become such a solidified chunk of my life and personality.

What am I saying with all this? I hardly have time for playing games.

I have to give up some of the writing, and get back to being a Gamer. If I don’t, I’ll eventually lose what made games so great for me.

That’s why, I won’t be reviewing many of the games this fall. I need to enjoy something as a Gamer, instead of trying to do the full time jobs of an entire staff of journalists.

Do I want to be a journalist? Of course. But in due time.

But, if you’re a hiring manager for some outlet and happen to be in need of someone for just about anything…well, I wouldn’t say no.

This has been written on an iPhone. Forgive spelling errors.