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It’s hard to believe that my YouTube Channel has reached such an extraordinary goal of mine. In fact, I wouldn’t even classify it as a goal, but an incredible feat that comes as a total surprise to me.

As of this evening, the OptimumForge YouTube Channel has surpassed 1,000,000 total upload views, meaning that all my video views added together are past the million mark. Not only that, but my individual channel views are now long past 100,000.

I can’t…I can’t even fathom that high of a number.

Of course, nearly all thanks and credit should go to that of my great friends at Machinima.com. Not only did they want to upload my crazy Halo 3 videos back in the day, they’ve continued to support me in as many ways as they can, and personally, they have outdone themselves multiple times.

The directors program (and now Partner’s program) has grown since I joined up with the smaller group, and I’m glad to see it expanding. While it may feel overwhelming to have so many voices, it’s always good to have a big pool of talent from which to draw from.

Thanks to Micah Brooke, Jeremy Azevedo, the Inside Gaming Team, Khail & ETC, Respawn, and Realm. You too Constant, no amount of high fives at PAX or IGA’s will ever suffice.

I’m glad to have such a talented group of people that allowed me to take what I love doing and show it to a wider audience. You guys are a standout squad in the gaming and entertainment industry. Keep up the hard work.

As for me, I’m out. I’ll continue posting videos to the channel until heck knows when.

– Landon