The following journal is written after midnight. Readers discretion is advised.

Alrighty, quick update for you all on what’s been going on. As of this moment, I just opened up my package from Nintendo containing my review copy of StarFox 64, which I will happily dive into this weekend. In addition to that, I was also handed a copy of Red Orchestra 2 on PC for review, which might have to wait until after this weekend (I want to thoroughly play StarFox).

This brings me to my next point, I love StarFox 64. I go back and play it on occassion. But now that it’s on 3DS, I’m excited to play the upgraded edition of a childhood favorite. Let’s hope it holds up. I want to write more, but I’m pretty dang tired. Plus, I need to get on to other news.

Next point, IGN. I have an interview with them tomorrow. No, it’s nothing permanent, it’s a contract job, but an awesome one nonetheless. If I get it (which it’s looking very very likely at the moment) then I’ll share all the details soon after. If not, then if you care then you can ask me about it in a message or something. I wouldn’t really want to write on about it in a journal if I didn’t.

No only that, but I’m doing another interview, but not for a job thankfully! I’ll be on the RoosterTeeth OZCast this weekend (or at least the recording will be). So if you like hearing me talk about nonsense things, then tune in. If you don’t like me, tune in anyway. It’s a great podcast.

Third point….and I’m about to lose all sense of professionalism here but….


[New ScreenShots here]

Beta next week. If you’re on PC, hit me up. Let’s rock some socks.