Some of you might have seen a friend of mine tweet about an upcoming opportunity with the Imagine Games Network, more widely known as IGN. I’ve received a good amount of questions concerning this, so I figured a short blog post explaining the matter would help clear up the facts.

What this is NOT: 

A full time job. This is by no means a “get up and move to San Francisco, CA business opportunity. I won’t be working in any offices or living someplace other than my home. At least, not for the most part.

What this IS:

A contract opportunity. While my comfort and preference is in the realm of editorial, I’ve had my fair share of experience in the world of video production, and that’s what this job is about.

It’s about attending IPL, or IGN Pro League, and the events that correspond to it. The first event that I’ll be working is IPL 3 “Origins”, a StarCraft II and League of Legends tournament up in Atlantic City, NJ. As a Data manager, I’ll be handling footage from multiple camera’s and migrating it to the editing PC’s. From there, I organize it, label it, and make sure it’s archived on the RAID drives. My goal is to make the life of the editor easier. In addition to that, I’ll be managing the IGN Flickr Feed for the show.

I’m being flown up and booked in a hotel from October 3rd – 10th. Half the day is working the show, half will be filled with exploring the city and enjoying the show.

This is the first of many opportunities in the future to work with IGN on such events. Even if I don’t want to end up just working in competitive gaming, it’s one heck of a start in the gaming industry as a whole.