Apparently, I bring something to the podcasting table?

While I’m generally odd about interviews, I’d say these went rather swell. Anyway, I was interviewed on two RoosterTeeth community podcasts, one from down under, and one from…just a little bit to the left. Both were recorded over the super great RoosterSpeak Service provided free of charge in the RoosterTeeth Community. It’s also a great tool for meeting new members and hanging out with your friends.

RoosterTeeth Australian OzCast (Download)

In this episode we also had to mix things up a bit, there was no pre-recorded interview due to a scheduling issue so we resolved this by doing things the Rooster Teeth way. Optimumforge ended up joining us for the entire episode as a guest panellist.

Weekly Speak (Download)

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Speak Podcast. The Weekly Speak features some of the greatest people from the Rooster Teeth community as they discuss all the nerd news and topics that are important. I fit in this somehow. I express my feelings over the airwaves, so don’t miss it. Go support the podcasts and the community!

I express my feelings over the airwaves, so don’t miss it that golden opportunity.¬†Go support the podcasts and the awesome RoosterTeeth community!