Alright, so I haven’t posted since Tuesday, and seeing how it’s Friday…I figure it’s time to write something about my week. 

So, we’re in the middle of the show right now, as it’s day 2 of the show, but day 4 of my trip. My job has been managing all the film data, social media photographs, and light rooming the images from photographers. All the Production Assistants bring me clips, stream data, and pictures, to which I then drop on some backup drives and hand it right back. It’s considerably simple considering my data background, but I’m enjoying it a lot.

Whether or not you like IGN, you can’t deny their size in the industry. The impact this company has had on both the entertainment and press side of the gaming world has been noticeably significant. IPL3: Origins was a chance for me to net a great job with a very large company, so I gladly took it. Though it’s nothing “permanent”, it’s still something.

Anyway, I’m having a good time here in Atlantic City. As of this moment, the Internet is down. I mean super crazy down. We’re not just talking the Casino; we’re talking about the whole region here. Since Comcast is the monopoly in this area, when they’re down, the state just doesn’t get Internet. Period.

This REALLY sucks considering this event is all about connecting to Battlenet (you know, through the INTERNET) and hosting some of the world’s biggest StarCraft II and League of Legends matches. My shift started at 8am this morning. It’s 2:22pm as of this writing, and the web is still not up.

We’re working hard with what we can here, finagling with local networks and the like to get data across, but I’ve pretty much been trying to keep things as smoothly running as possible.

So…. that’s what today’s been like. Shift is over in 3 hours (technically), but because of this outage, I’ll be here lonngggggggggg after that I imagine. This data has to go somewhere mi ‘rite? 

Good thing I like this stuff. 

In the meantime, I’m tweeting and reading on my twitterz. So, follow me on there if you want to chatty chat it up: @optimumforge.


– Landon