The event is nearly over! Now…we party! After I rest for a bit…

Get the picture? Because I’m tired??

It’s been a long week here in Atlantic City, but I’ve had a great time. Working for IGN has been both fun and challenging. Not only do I have a nice resume stamp, this might end up turning into a regular position for future events. As far as I’m concerned, it already is, there just isn’t any paperwork to show it. 

Additionally, I was fortunate enough to meet the head of PR at AMD last night at a party. After a long while of talking, I was offered a business opportunity in the realm of writing. I can’t go into details yet, as they’re being worked out, but once something comes up, I’ll post about it.

/excited face

In a nutshell, the work here was not “hard” in practice, but even after 2 years of data structure jobs I found myself having to retrack file after file. A ton of data to slog though, somewhere close to 900 GB’s.

The hours were longgggg, but I didn’t mind it a bit. In the bits of free time, I threw together some news articles and caught up with all of you on Twitter. Fulfilling week I’d say.

That’s enough from me, here’s some news:


BF3 getting hi-res texture installs on Console

XBL Sale on Bethesda Stuff

L.A. Noire Developer shuts down

New 3DS Colors launch

MW3 SP Trailer

Here, as always, is your little slice of the internet…which features me!

Hint: I’m at 1:41 . If you need a reference to figure out the show, it’s a rekindling of the old show “Voicemail Theater”, done by machinima back in the days when I first began making content. Great times.

Love you all, thanks for reading. If you’ll excuse me, I have some drinks awaiting me and a 3am flight to catch.

Toodaloo dudes/dudettes.