If you asked me what internet show I’ve been watching the longest, you might be surprised. Is it Red VS Blue? Not quite. I don’t follow it nearly as religiously as I do Machinima.com’s Flagship show, Inside Gaming, a show I’ve followed since its birth.

I’ve been watching IG since 2007, but then it wasn’t even called Inside Gaming. It went by the little monicker, Inside Halo, but that’s a whole other story for an entirely different time. Inside Gaming began proper in 2009 with this episode. 

Anyway, over the past few years, the community has grown to an unimaginable size. What was once just an awesome little show about Halo, is now a juggernaut in the video game/video content community. I’ve seen it expand to not only YouTube videos, but to a super fancy editorial blog, where an awesome team of writers post news stories in written form, for those of you who, like myself, still enjoy reading news articles.

Now, many people had questions for the host Adam Kovic, “The Dead Pixel”, and not all could be answered in the weekly “YouSaid” Q&A segment in the show. Instead of ignoring the questions, he sets out weekly on an hour-plus sprint through dozens of questions from fans and community members. These were squeezed onto YouTube videos and eaten up by watchers everywhere.

However, a podcast was the desired platform for these segments. After all, it was the audio that people were after. Well, good news. It’s a reality.

Kovic reached out to his community via the blog asking for someone to take the reigns and deliver the segments into full podcasty glory. After seeing the crew a multitude of times, flying myself out to the IGA’s last year, and reading every damn article on the blog, not to mention seeing every second of Inside Gaming ever produced, I felt it my obligation to make it happen.

At the time, I was working on the clock at an IGN event, one I’d recently been hired for. The second my shift ended, I ran to my computer, ran through some scripts to strip the audio and video, and set out to get the podcast prepped. I dropped in the IG intro and rendered it up. It took a mere 2 days to have the podcast up and running, and I’m very proud to say I put some of myself into the IG community.

If you for SOME reason have yet to watch Inside Gaming, I can’t recommend it enough. There have been countless laughs I can credit to this show, and days made better because of it. Even more so, there’s more faces on the show than ever before. Kovic, John, Billy, Lawrence, Matt “The Master” Dannevik, and random folk from around the office show up to make the show a success.

I might not be able to do much for the show being on this side of the country, but I’ll sure as heck try.

Podcast iTunes Page

Episode One

Episode Two

The Podcast is now being handled by Machinima.com proper. The above links will no longer be usable. I’ll post new links when they rehost it.