Welcome to December.

For college students like myself, it’s a time of stress, anxiety, and library cram sessions. On that note, I should mention I have a 7am to 7pm library session tomorrow, break for lunch of course.

Sure, it’s not the most balanced schedule you could hope for, but that’s what you bargain with when you take the maximum courseload allowed by the University.

Additionally, I’ve been writing daily for the Inside Gaming blog, which includes making crazy photoshops, quirky headlines, and offering my opinion freely. It can be quite time consuming, and oftentimes I’ll drop what I’m doing to work on it. I want so much to see it not only do well, but really accelerate in audience participation. I want the same people that comment on YouTube to come over and comment on the blog articles. If it means more articles over more news beats in gaming, then I’m all for it.

Yes, I’m busy as all heck. But, you know what? I’m happy with it. I’m content, to say the very least. It’s not just another outlet to contribute to through my interning, it’s a company and a brand that I love and happily support.

Inside Gaming is a quirky, special, and overall awesome gem in the game industry, and I’m glad to see it fully coming out of its shell and seeing its potential as a brand.

I’ll be heading to L.A. next weekend in celebration of the IGA’s. It’ll be great to support the team and see some great awards issued for the hard work of some even greater developers.

If you still find this blog post on your own, you’re probably one of my good friends. Why? because I won’t be posting this to twitter for people to click. Just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean I throw it in everyone’s face.

These are personal thoughts that I share with my good friends. Anyone’s open to read, but I don’t want to make them.

If you’re one of my friends from RT, holla at me kids. I miss your faces.

Thanks for reading.

– Landon