Early friday morning, I’ll be flying out of Charlotte, NC to the 2011 Inside Gaming Awards, IGA’s for short. It was a blast to attend last year, and I’m even more proud to be in attendance given my ability to assist with the editorial blog and Machinima.com in general.

I’ll be there the whole weekend, bunking with good friends Jordan, Max, and Bryan. I’ve known them all for quite some time, and have worked with Jordan for almost two years.

Looking forward to seeing all the employees from Machinima once again, as I only get to run into them once or twice a year, typically PAX and IGA’s. Very excited to see everyone again, fun times.

Additionally, Burnie Burns of RoosterTeeth and Red Vs Blue fame will be there to present the award for Best Animation. Given my past involvement with the RT community, I’d never give up an opportunity to catch up with him or the crew. Besides, haven’t seen him since PAX and RTX, the man deserves a high five.

Alright, more work, little time. I’ll post once more prior to arriving in LA, but until then, take care everyone.

– Landon