Though I reside as a content east coaster, I’ve spent a fair share of my time on the west coast from trips, vacations, and a small portion of my childhood.

However, I don’t venture much to California, the real land of opportunity. I can’t justify a trip across the country for just any little thing. But, I had the opportunity to come to the greatest gaming award show in existence, the Inside Gaming Awards. I can’t pass that up.

You’ll notice I preface the IGAs with “greatest”. I say this not out of love and fanboyism, but out of pure honesty. I truly believe that the IGAs are a great showcase of how fun, quirky, and respectful a gaming award show can really be. It represents the game industry and it’s many professionals as normal, rational human beings that all love games.

It’s a celebration of some of the greatest games of the past year, and the many hard working ladies and gentlemen who slave over their monitors and keyboards to bring us great experiences.

It was a blast to attend, and an honor to be a small part of.

I’m able to randomly hug my boss and chat about the future, talk about games, and go out to In-N-Out with people I not only deeply admire and respect, but people I’m glad to call friends.

Thanks to everyone at Machinima who put up with me for not only the weekend, but for the past 3+ years. You’ve changed my life.

This weekend is a reminder of why I love this industry.

Special thanks to Turtle as well, he gave me one sick tour of the office, and one killer story:


Anyway, it’s time I catch a plane back to the east coast, sleepin’ on the window style.

Thanks for reading guys. If you made it this far, I owe you a bro hug.