In which the provided picture is unrelated.

Being stationary…is not my thing. I like change.

I’m not content with just resting on my laurels (whatever those laurels may be) and continuing on some linear path towards complacency. I’m not built that way, it’s just not in my genes.

In truth, I seem to gravitate towards innovation, towards “freshness” and new things. I’m constantly about change.

When my room gets boring, I move furniture around. When I’m not content with my current writing style, I mix it up. When I’m tired of driving the same old route on the highway, I find a new one, just to see if it’s any quicker. If it ends up being slower, well hey, I learned something new.

When a job starts to become just a job, I make a change, I put more of “me” into it. When I know that I’m stuck in a place from where I cannot budge for at least, I don’t know, a year and a half, I place something in the gap that the situation creates.

While I can’t have everything happen that I want to happen, at the pace I want it to happen, I CAN do something to reinvigorate the situation, to breathe new life into what I’m doing with my life and my passions.

This leads me to the point of this blog post. I’ve got to start something fresh, something new ( in tandem with what I do now), something new I can call my own.

Yes, it’ll involves games. It most likely always will. After all, I didn’t push myself so forcefully into this industry for no reason. I love games, I love those who work within it. I see more innovation in this industry than I’ve seen in any other, and I can’t see myself doing anything else and being content.

Will this be a drastic pursuit? No, of course not. I’m incredibly happy with where I am now, but I can’t settle for that alone. I feel like I can something cool in addition to what I do everyday, I can make an impact on an industry that’s blossoming into something even greater than it is now. That won’t happen quickly of course, and it might not happen at all. 

But, so many projects lay untouched, ideas left unhatched. I’ve got fun, interesting concepts in my head, and I want to take one for a spin.

I’ll continue doing what I’m doing now school and writing, but I’m going to attempt to tack more on, because I’m crazy like that.

So don’t take it as me sounding not content, as it’s quite the opposite. I just have the eagerness to do some more!

Now that I’ve written line after line of nonsensical statements regarding an idea that my mind doesn’t even know what to do with….

…I’ll sleep on it.

– landon