Digital currency systems are not a “thing” I’m fond of.

Check out TechCrunch’s funny post on the possibility that the MSP system for Xbox Live might go away. Better yet, check out the funny anecdote written within:

Imagine you’ve gone to the store, and you want to buy 2 pineapples. You take them to the counter, and the guy at the register says “Great! That’ll be 7 bloo-blops.”

“What? I don’t have any bloo-blops. I only have dollars. Can I just give you dollars?”

“No. You have to give me bloo-blops. Fortunately, I have this pack of 10 bloo-blops right here.”

“..But I thought you said I only needed 7 bloo-blops?”

“You do. But I only sell them in packs of 10. Don’t worry! You’ll have 3 bloo-blops left over to buy anything you want!”

“Oh, okay. What can I buy with 3 bloo-blops?”


See? Garbage.

Thank you TC, you’ve made my evening.