Firefall – Red 5 Studios

The short video above is for a 2012 game I can’t wait to get my hands on. Not only is the game a vast, open-world shooter with its feet firmly planted in an MMO feature set, it’s an RPG with gates wide open to possiblity.

Firefall is a team-based action game that’s not only huge to begin with, it’s going to grow. In accordance with the (hopeful) success of the title, Red5 Studios plans on pushing back the curtain on the world, designing even more land and areas to explore. As stated in the video, the entire build space they’ve designed is 1/10 of the earth’s approximate size.

This is not only fascinating for me as a gamer, but as a nerd, and a student of computer science at that. The concept behind creating a Google maps-esque game world that is made up of who knows how many world units is ridiculous.

This is a tool that I’ve never seen game designers craft before. Even though 99% of developers create toolsets to design the game (and many going forward), I’ve yet to see a tool that allows for fluid texture editing like this forge editor exemplifies.

What’s even more unthinkable, is where they plan on taking this game over the next few years. While I was worried for a brief period that Firefall just wouldn’t have the content to justify a long stay with the game, I’m now reassured that, so long as gamers stay and play, the game will continue to expand.

Firefall could be the MMORPG I’ve always wanted to play, possibly even the open world title the MMO community has been waiting for.

My next chance to check it out is at PAX East 2012, and you know I’ll be at the booth more than once.