Well, kind of. In design and format, no, nothing is changing. You’ll still see my thoughts, silly quips and oversharing of funny Internet videos and GIFS.

However, I’m taking the steps to make this blog my official domain. The current http://www.optimumforge.com will be around for one more week. This blog will be the new landing place for that URL.

As social networks continue to expand, my goal is to go against that- to simplify. I want Facebook, Twitter, and this.

This blog will become my site. It has basic pages for hosting my resume, finding ways to connect with me on personal and business levels and asking me questions.

Will I delete old social networks? Maybe some, but not likely. There are some ( like RoosterTeeth ) that I’ll always be on. I just want to shorten the list of places my name comes up on the Internet.

Moving domains takes time, boy is it tedious.

There’s a blog post for ya. Exciting I know.