Yeah, an actual blog post. It’s got words and stuff, if you’re interested.

Since my plans for the beach with friends pretty much fell through (due to busy schedules and pre-set plans ahead of time), I’m currently deciding how to spend my Spring Break — which starts this Thursday.

I’ve given thought to a road trip to the mountains, possibly do some climate training (running) for the first time in a while. Running in the city and on campus has gotten so dull, and I miss the barefoot running in the parks and woods from my High School Cross Country days. Truth be told, I miss a lot about high school (specifically the ridiculously easy academic schedule).

Back on topic, I’ve also given thought to staying local (as much as I’d like to get out of here for a week). It’ll give me a chance to really crank out some quality pieces for work and the blog. There’s some ideas I’ve had spinning for a while, but I don’t want to run them by the team until the entire IG makeover is complete (sometime in March I believe).

If I do stay local, I’ll pretty much be either working from my office or fishing out on the lake. In all honesty, sitting on the lake with a couple of beers and enjoying the North Carolina water and sun wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Yeah, I think I’ll resort to fishing for a few days.

Then again, I could lock myself in and play SSX until I desperately need sunlight.

Naw, I’ll save that play style for winter, Skyrim-style.