Currently, I find myself sitting in the Charlotte, NC Amtrak train station, waiting to board my 1:45am train to the DC area. It’s currently midnight, Thursday March 15. While I addressed this post as ‘Part One’, this won’t be a multiple post adventure…beyond two at least.

Technically, this Konami event is only for one day, as the amount to experience isn’t in line with your typical video game related events. Actually, this is a special event for the opening of the video game exhibit in The Smithsonian. It’s a Konami event (in this respect) because they’re bringing Hideo Kojima out for a press Q&A regarding the Metal Gear franchise. While many general questions are likely to be asked, I’ve got a few fun ones I want to throw his way.

There’s few chances that I get to meet many high-level game designers, and I want to drop questions that I couldn’t simply google or check a wiki to find out. No, not dumb questions. Just ones with more thought involved. Questions a gamer might ask Kojima, not precisely just a journalist. Yes, I’ll attempt to ask him about “Transfarring” while I’m there. Really though, who hasn’t been wondering about that since last year’s E3? Back to the point, I’ll be traveling to and from the event in a single day. The event itself is only three hours, but I’m hard-pressed to snag a cab and go see the museum. Awesomely enough, Konami is getting press into the exhibit free of charge. Very cool of them. I’ll be taking pictures of the event as often as I can, expect those to couple the feature on the Inside Gaming Blog soon after the trip.

So, roughly calculated, I’ll be doing 14 hours of train riding in the next 24. If this were any other job, I’d not be so keen on the idea. Good thing I freaking love video games and travel. Slightly less passionate about trains, but I’m sure there’s something there. /End – Landon