Today is the definition of a long day. Long in a good sense, in that I enjoyed every minute of it, but also in the traditional sense — in that I’m terribly exhausted. Certainly well worth it. Come to think of it, this comes and goes with most industry events I atten, so it’s not much of a surprise.

As a whole, today was spent in train stations, shuttles, and in an incredibly fancy plaza room at the Ritz Carlton in Alexandria, VA. It’s there that I and other journalists from assortments of outlets (Joystiq, Destructoid, IGN, PCMag, OXM, Eurogamer, Complex, and of course my own Machinima) sat down for a 2 hour Q&A with the man behind Metal Gear and Kojima productions, Hideo Kojima. While the questioning began slow paced as expected, it began to get more interesting with each thorough question presented. I asked several that I assumed would be interesting to read, and other did the same.

You’ll be able to see much more in-depth into our conversation when the feature goes up on Inside Gaming (tba). I had a fantastic time at the event, and even snapped a pic with Kojima. Hey, everyone’s allowed an ounce of nerd-out once in a while. Anywho, I’m either going to sleep, read, or keep playing Kirby’s Adventure. Thanks for reading guys, onward to PAX East and others!