It’s healthy to escape from the world sometimes. While it sounds cliche when I write it down, I think that’s really one of the only ways you can properly say it. Often, after months of straight work, school, and responsibility, it’s healthy to take a break from it all.

Though originally planned for spring break, I’ll be having this “getaway” this weekend. I’ll be going to my favorite spot, Lake Norman State Park. There, I’ll be fishing and camping for 3 days — no phones, no technology — just campfire, long days of fishing and catnaps, and reading a book or two. Also, playing my Banjo. Coincidence that I was raised in Arkansas? Go figure. Come at me bro.

The place has fantastic running trails for cross country as well, trails I ran weekly during high school competitive running, so I’ll be doing my long distance runs there (14 miles a day) for relaxation and old times sake.

I’m not usually one of those existential “gotta figure my life out” kinda guys, but there’s something to be appreciated about being stripped of responsibility for a few days. No idea what’s going on in the world — for better or worse. It’s relieving, especially for someone like myself where stress runs in the family — deeply I might add.

I miss camping.
I miss fishing.
I miss mountain runs.

I miss the sound of nothing but the waves of the lake quietly splashing against the rocks and sand. Without sounding too poetic, I miss these parts of life because they resemble important pieces of my childhood. Growing up in Arkansas, in a town of 500, it’s something you long for, something you’ll never grow tired of re-experiencing.

I’ll of course keep the phone on and nearby for safet purposes, but the Internet — it’s going bye bye. But in a nutshell, it’s 3 days of just me and my thoughts.

I can’t ask for much else.