Don’t worry, this will be brief. While I tend to go on (and on, and on) while I converse with people, I’m focusing on keeping this short and to the point. Sure, a tweet could suffice, but what fun is having a blog if you don’t post something?

As it stands — my life is relatively hectic to say the least.

I’m wrapping up a full 18 credit-hour semester, starting a full 12 hour summer session, and starting Fall again with another 18 credit hours, except with all 3000 and 4000 level courses. For those unaware, those are the final courses in a Bachelors Degree.

For a sophomore by year, I consider that pretty dang good, and I’m proud. I’m currently on track to graduate by August 2013, instead of May 2014 — totaling 3 years for a 4 year degree.

Regardless, I’ve got a busy spring & summer. I’ve got several trips, (three of which are work & fun, two are just fun) and I’m very excited for them. To look forward to, I have:

  • PAX East
  • E3
  • RTX
  • PAX Prime

That’s in addition to the Hideo Kojima (Konami) event I attended earlier this month, which was a total blast.

In short, I’m prepping myself for a ridiculous load of stress that I’ll certainly figure out quickly if I can handle, but it’s the right decision. I’ve been working so desperately to graduate ahead of schedule, for no “specific” reason really.

I’ve got job opportunities in the pipeline — or at least I’m led to believe it anyway, and I’d like to take advantage of such opportunities while I can…strike while the iron is hot, for lack of a better phrase.

I’ve registered for classes, registered for events, and had a drink to mull it over. Now, (after tomorrow) I’m taking the weekend off to go camping and fishing by myself. I’m not taking my computer or any device that connects me to the Internet. I’ll have my phone for obvious reasons of emergency, but it won’t be in use outside of that.

My line will be in the water, my eyes will be on the water, and I’ll have three days of nothing but my thoughts, a hot fire to sit by, and trail runs in the early mornings of the mountain trails.

I’m from Arkansas, leave my traditions be.

I’ll see you all on Monday, bright and early.

– Landon