Today is a day that will certainly exist in my memory for some time — one filled with outrageous levels of stress, anxiety, and headaches. In addition, events both digital, academic, personal and legislative took place today — all of which have caused me some deal of melancholy.

I have opinions, and I’d like to share them with you if you’re interested.

Amendment One

Let me begin with the first hot-topic at hand, the voting and approval of Amendment One in my state of North Carolina — a piece of legislation highly regarded as dangerous for a fair number of reasons. I frankly won’t spend my time discussing the bill, instead, I’ll offer my opinion very matter-of-fact.

Like many that live in the state of North Carolina, I’m one of the many that are Christian, heterosexual, and certainly with nothing against gay people in any way — and yet you’ll find that I didn’t vote in favor of the bill.

While you may think this conflicts with my religious beliefs, that insinuation is incorrect in every facet. In fact, it’s because I’m a christian that I disagree with this bill — so let me tell you why.

I believe in the God-given gift of free-will for mankind. And while I believe in what I believe to be God’s ordained version of marriage (between a man and a woman), free will is what allows us the opportunity for choice.

As a christian, it’s not in my job description to judge people based on their choices. Just because I believe in something does not mean that I should force it into the lives of others, and God doesn’t ask of that either.

God, in my belief, is a god of free choice. You either follow, or you simply do not. You’ll see no judgement from me, why should you? No one man is better than another based on his race, ethnicity, beliefs, age or gender.

The bill should not have been passed into voting, and certainly not into action. While it supports the ideal version of marriage I hold ideal for my life, I do not wish this as a restriction upon the people of this state.

I know of a great couple, a homesexual couple mind you, that have been great friends of mine for a number of years. They consider themselves good, christian people. And while I don’t traditionally agree with their lifestyle, they’re still friends of mine, and I respect them nonetheless. The last thing I want is for them to not be happy.

If it’s happiness and togetherness they desire, then so be it. It wraps back to free will. Mankind has the opportunity with every generation to make choices, and this bill is merely one of them.

And as a simple recap, anything outside of the traditional, christian belief of marriage is not something I hold ideal for my life, but I hold no problems with it for anyone else who chooses to follow it.

It’s not my place to judge, and I won’t have it. People should have the right to be happy, and as christians we shouldn’t stand in the way — it’s not our job. Our mission is to spread the words we hold dear, not force them through legislation.

Plus, it’s a right to be whatever you want in this freaking country.

The Digital Situation

In regards to the “athene”,”braindead” situation that took place this afternoon, I encourage those familiar (or uninformed but for some reason full of protest) to read the following article.

If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll understand from the title.

Academic & Personal

Miss my cat. A lot. There’s something to be said about the feeling of having someone/something with you for 15 years of your 20-year-old life that dies due to sudden sickness, and with much pain.

It’s been a harsh experience.

As far as the world of Academics go, I can’t say it’s been easy. With 18 credit hours on my plate and work filling in the gaps, I’m anything but bored. Do keep in mind that these words do not indicate complaints of any sort — quite the contrary, it’s mostly stress due to lack of sleep, over cramification of studies, and way too much dedication to performance.

I’ve been studying about 6-8 hours a day for the past week for one final exam out of the six I have to take this week. It’s one of the most difficult courses in the CS curriculum, and I’m most certainly tired of doing it.

I’ve got a long week ahead, but it helps to air out words in a journal.

It’s certainly longer that I would’ve hoped, I’d really hoped to go to bed prior to 2am for the first time in months, but I felt like writing.

Thanks for listening, hope I was clear.