I ordered one of my favorite games on Amazon the other day, Metal Arms: Glitch in The System. It’s one of our generations most overlooked titles in my opinion, one that received quite the solid report card from publications across the board.

I had it for GameCube a few years ago, but was lost or sold back to GameStop or something — so I picked it up on Amazon for five bucks and free shipping. What a steal right?

But…I’m in a bit of a fan-boy conundrum — it came new. Wrapping and all.

I’m honestly not sure what to do about this. I’m sure I’ll open it in a few days, but I’m kind of in awe finding not only a new, wrapped Xbox title, but one that’s considered a cult classic and is typically hard to come across used…let alone new.

Under reconsideration, this COULD have just been re-wrapped by the distributor, but why would they? That would only be beneficial if they were attempting to sell it to me as new, something some modern distributors are occasionally guilty of.

So it wouldn’t make sense for them to go out of their way to make it seem new…would they?

Forget it, I’m opening this baby. It must be played….right?