Next week marks my first Electronic Entertainment Expo with Machinima. Actually, it’s really my first E3 ever (thanks to Machinima).

After years and years of watching press conferences from my desk and writing articles on my own personal sites (as well as freelance work), it’s really quite astonishing that I’m actually going to be in attendance for one, if not the biggest week in gaming for 2012.

To set foot in the L.A. convention center, to experience what I’ve wanted to experience first-hand for so long, it’s unbelievable. I’m incredibly excited, anxious, and a tiny bit nervous. Above it all though, I’m grateful.

I’m grateful of the people that gave me the opportunity to do what I feel I’m skilled at, as well as something I’m truly passionate about. I’m grateful for the people at Machinima, who picked me out of the community crowd to work on their team, an awesome team mind you — as someone who simply started out making dumb Internet videos several years ago, and went on to spend time writing about video games.

I’ve even more thanks for the friends and family that have supported what I do, and what I’ve been pursuing for such a long time.

Games have been a pillar of my life since I was very young, since the first time I played Ski-Free on Windows 95 or Super Mario Bros. on the NES, or Banjo-Kazooie on the N64. It sounds cliche, but I don’t know what I’d do if games weren’t in my life in some capacity — I just love games.

And as much as E3 is a giant conglomerate of press, PR, and developer folk, it’s really at its core a celebration of games and interactive entertainment and those who care about it.

At what other press conferences do you here the journalist collective whoop whoop at the stunning announcement of Halo 3? Where else do you hear gasps when Sony announces a cringe-worthy price of $599 US Dollars for their newest console?

It’s magic or something.

I’m looking forward to a long, tiring, sleepless week — but filled with games, excitement, adrenaline, and a good time with friends old and new.

Maybe blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts should only be used for humorous sarcastic posts, maybe they shouldn’t be used for counts of an individual’s personal life (like this) — but for me, this — this is an accomplishment.

This signifies the point in time I’ve wanted to reach for such a long time, and suffice to say it feels good to be here.

See you all next week.