Though I’ve made it my insane policy to incorporate an 18+ credit hour class schedule into my already busy workday each and every semester, I’ve decided that with this Fall semester, I’m wratcheting it back.

For far too long have I (for the most part) neglected the hobbies and activities I care about — ultimate frisbee, cross country, fishing, video games, movies, women — for the sake of dashing my way through College in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science. And while I’ve done (in my mind) a pretty bang-up job, I’m not satisfied — I’m running myself a wee bit ragged.

Between a job (that I love) and hitting the maximum credit hour limit year-round, I’m simply not leaving myself any free time. And any free time that does crop up is usually dedicated to helping my parents out at their place, lifting heavy things and other brutish work that reminds me greatly of my Arkansas childhood (farm-related things).

So, to allow myself the pleasure of enjoying the stuff I still care about, I’ve dropped a class from my schedule to adopt a more regular 15 credit-hour schedule: Statistics. Woot!

I’m technically still ahead by nearly a year, being a junior by year and a senior by credits, so I’ll still be able to graduate by next Summer if I want to, which I most certainly do.

I guess we’ll see how it plays out. Until then, I’m allocating some time to ultimate frisbee, running up some familiar old mountains, and playing some gosh-dang video games.

Of course, I’ll keep working — it’s an awesome job that’s centered around video games and one of the best companies around, who wouldn’t love it?