Another year, another PAX Prime under the belt. Appointments were made, friends were hugged, dinners were had, games were played. As of this year, I’ve a total of five PAXs worth to my name — turns out it’s still a blast.

Spent some time with the lovely folks/friends from Machinima HQ at our upstairs booth, was asked to sign a shirt or two (for some reason), and had an all-around raging good time.

I also bumped into someone who knew who I was, that made me feel all sorts of neat.

With PAX East coming up in March/April next year, I’ve realized that it’ll be my final PAX as a college student. If/when I attend Prime a year from now, I’ll either have a full-time job or be begging for one.

Let’s hope for the former. 😉

If we hung out at PAX at any point, it was most certainly swell. See you next year, folks.

Vidya gamez stuff I did this weekend: