… in favor of a binder. For a number of reasons.



After living in an apartment for the past three years (during college), I’ve started to accumulate a good lot of material possessions, most of them video game-related. In fact, an entire shelf on my wall was about 8 stacks (ten or so high) of video game cases. They were getting so high in fact that they were running up against my framed posters, knocking them off frequently.

I decided that, after having watched a video by Rev3’s own Adam Sessler (formerly of G4, TechTV), it was time that I part with these unnecessary clutter-forming space-hogs. Sure, there’s a bit of a collector in me when it comes to video game-related items, but not to the extent that I’d allow them to take up unnecessary space.

As I’m about to graduate from college this winter and move along with my life, I’ve been in the mode of substantially downsizing. Moving games to a binder simply made the most sense — they’re easier to organize, easier to find, and they’re all in one place — no more shuffling through cases.

While it makes some of my friends and peers cringe, I simply don’t have the desire to keep the cases. I did, however, keep all of the art and manuals, but the cases (empty and unmarked) were unnecessary.

Should I sell them back, sure, I won’t make as much money. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take over the space they consume. And that, my friends, is that.