In high school I used to listen to podcasts on a daily basis. While doing a summer internship for Daimler between high school and college, I listened to the back catalogue of RoosterTeeth podcasts, formerly known as the Drunk Tank. I knew of its existence for some time before starting to listen on a regular basis, but I really started listening around podcast #50. Since then, I’ve listened to all of those podcasts multiple times, as well as adopted some new ones.

While at my next internship at TIAA-Cref, I listened heavily to the IGN GameScoop podcast, but quickly fell off afterwards due to school and general lack of time. In its place (now) is the ‘Besties’ podcast, which features a number of editors from Polygon.

Here’s what I listen to regularly… let me know what you listen to if you do!

And if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way.