RTX 2012 with some lovely ladies.

It felt like just a few weeks ago I was at this very gate leaving for LA, California to cover E3 with  Machinima. OH, wait — that’s because I was! Well, at least this time I’m going south to Austin, Texas, home of RoosterTeeth, Achievement Hunter,and a lot of good friends.

Between a parade of hugs, a slew of drinks and a bevy of discussions with interesting game developers, web creators and generally fine folks, it’s going to be a solid weekend for sure.

RTX 2011 with some lovely lady zombies.

And props to RT for expanding their event. It was just two RTX’s ago that there were a few hundred of us having BBQ dressed up as zombies behind the RT office. Ah, the good times, they roll.

If you’re around and see me (I’ll be the short, beardy guy who’s tough on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside), come say hi. Actually, I’m a hugger. Fair warning.