After nearly four years on Twitter, the social networking site everyone uses that’s not Facebook, I’ve discovered something bothersome about my use of it. And no, it’s not that animated GIFS of cats fill a hole in my soul that I never knew needed filling, it’s that it’s kind of dumb. Not dumb in itself, dumb in the way that it’s often used, particularly by a subset of members of the video game industry and the interesting sphere of press that cover it from day-to-day.

When you spend as much time checking Twitter as I do (that’s sort of the remarkable part), you realize how desperately people want to put their opinions out there on a hot subject. That’s not necessarily a bad factor of the network either, that’s somewhat human nature — people like opinionating, and they certainly like agreeing with people (and having others agree with them). But some people have to put their opinions out there for just about everything. There are some wonderful topics that come up every few days (and it’s great to hear from my friends and colleagues on a topic), but some topics being discussed are a tad trivial to be discussed at such a capacity, let alone in a hard-to-squeeze-into 140 character-or-less Tweet. It’s like I can really feel the tense furrowing of 462 brows at once as they lean anxiously into their monitors and beging furiously mashing the interactions/mentions tab to see who agrees/dares to disagree with them on the WEB.

Oh, is that just me? Well, fiddlesticks.

But I don’t want to do that so much anymore.

Not because I don’t want to share my thoughts — everyone should be able to (well, the polite ones anyway), but because I don’t want to try and express my thoughts on interesting, complex events and concepts in a small white rectangle that can fit 1-3 sentences and a trendy # symbol. You need more characters, sentences and paragraphs to explain a cohesive thought, or at least one that doesn’t leave out important factors.

But Twitter has its place, it most certainly does. It’s just not a place I want to extend my discussions of games and other things I love anymore. Not unless it’s a “hey guys, this indie game is pretty rad” or “hey guys, Aliens Colonial Marines, not all that great.” Those are perfectly fine for my tweetaleetz.

My goal is to keep any extensive video game thoughts off of Twitter (at least directly), and put them here, on my newly revamped fancy-dancy bloggin’ blog. I’ll toss the post into the Twittersphere if I think it’s worth it, but largely I just want to avoid the misunderstandings, multiple replies and incredible time-sink that is Twitter conversations about complex junk that probably doesn’t really matter anyway.

I’ll still reply back and forth with folks via Tweets if it’s a good time and a fun, brief thought to brief thought discussion, but complex discussions on game industry happenings, scandals, news reports and announcements simply don’t work for me anymore.

Plus, checking Twitter all the time is like, stressing me out, folks. I just need to unglue from my smartphone whenever necessary, especially since I spend so much time working, finishing college, and petting my super needy (but adorable) kitten, Biscuit. All of those things, minus the cat petting, requires staring at a glowing rectangle — of which I’d like to spend less time…. staring at.

I adore video games, technology, and computers (heck, I study them), but I’m still a big fan of spending a large portion of my time camping, hiking, kayaking, Banjo-plucking, and just being outside.

But anyway, back to GTA V.