I didn't know what image to put here so here's a cat with a mustache. All he needs is a bowler hat.
I didn’t know what image to put here so here’s a cat with a mustache. All he needs now is a bowler hat.

My father, like many fathers, is very wise. I’ve known this, but it crops up here and there as a helpful reminder that I don’t always have life figured out like I think I might. Many folks have that idea. They think there’s a certain narrative, a certain role they’ve got to play (or that they’re destined to play). And that may be the case, as it has been for many, but I’m slowly realizing that I derive great joy from just… accomplishing. Not anything specific, just putting in a hard day’s work like my grandfather and father did and do. That provides me great satisfaction, as it probably does for you.

My dad sent me a note tonight after I told him about a great work opportunity I have coming up very soon that I can’t talk about yet. It’s exciting, and it’s rare that I, at the level I am career-wise, even have the chance at it. And so, I’m reminded how blessed I am.

“Landon,  I just wanted to tell you how proud your Mother and I are of you.
You have worked so hard in College and in your individual job to make a way
for yourself. Enjoy these small gifts God gives you along the way and
remember HE is the giver of ALL rewards.  We could never achieve them on
our own with out his blessings on our life.

You have worked hard and he has rewarded your efforts.

We love you!”

And he’s right. I’ve been blessed immensely with my job, my opportunity to pursue a degree, and my ability to afford what I need to live, and even have some leftover for fun on the weekends. Sure, I put in a lot of long hours for everything I need to have done, and I drink a lot of coffee to make it happen (though others have it far worse), but I’m blessed by God everyday in my work and in my life, even when I’m not always on track in the way I need to be with Him.

Now, get out of here so I can finish this Logic board for class. Your digital stench on my blog is harshing my mellow.