Maybe so… but it could very well be an elaborate fake. Gathered info thus far:

Why it Could be Real

  • The WhoIs registration for the site claims to have been made by Bethesda. Info, in part, matches up.
  • Site countdown composed of Fallout font.
  • Going through CSS/HTML shows timer counting down to Bethesda’s YouTube page with an age gate applied (but no specific video URL embed).
  • References in mp3 that plays are titled after locations in Boston, which is where the next Fallout was to take place based on rumors of Bethesda folks researching in the Boston area.
  • Countdown ends on 12/11/13, which is around the time Bethesda announced Skyrim, and has traditionally revealed some of its former titles.

Why it Could be Dream-Crushingly Not Real

  • The WhoIs registration data differs from past Bethesda/Zenimax domain purchases, usually going through Corporate Domains, not GoDaddy (like this one has been).
  • The links in the pages’s code go to Bethesda’s default/public YT page, not an embedded video.
  • People have known about the Bethesda/Boston rumors for over a year, so it’s easy to fool folks into thinking it’s real.
  • People have a lot of time and a lot of meanness in their hearts.

So… what’s the concensus? Well, it’s 50/50. I guess we’ll find out by or on 12/11/13.