Over the past few weeks, I’ve been needing to take my truck into the shop to get the oil changed, or simply put in some more oil myself. It was getting on the low end as of a few weeks ago, and I was starting to push the limit on my acceptable mileage window.

But even though I was pinned down with final exams, work transitions/changes, financial woes, family struggles, a damaged left arch and a bad sleeping problem, it’s my fault that I postponed taking care of my truck as I did.

My poor little 2002 Ford Ranger died this weekend from my error, and it was on the way to getting the oil changed, no less. Well, I was on my way to church and THEN I was heading to the shop, but you get the idea.

She stopped accelearting on the highway, so I pulled her off on the side of the road. She immediately cut off when I braked and the battery light flickered on. I noticed smoke from the hood, and immediately knew what’d happened. I opened my door and walked to the front of the hood. Once I opened her up, the line blew and tossed hot oil on my arms — didn’t feel super great, imaginably. Once that blew, smoke billowed from the engine and I took off in the opposite direction.

Got ahold of my pop and told him I was calling AAA to have ’em tow it to my mechanic on Mooresville, who could tell me what I already knew happened and determine the most affordable route to get her running again.

When the tow-truck arrived, I gathered my loose materials from the Ranger and piled it into my dad’s car, which had just arrived minutes prior. They hoisted her off and drove her out of town. I got the damage report later, and was pretty distressed to hear it would deplete my years of savings, and then some.

I’ve got a plan in place to have it paid off soon enough, but at least it’ll be driveable by next week. But that’s not the worst part. It’s making a silly mistake by letting my priorities take over, and letting the small things catch up to me. But ultimately, this mistake, an expensive one at that, is part of life’s great learning process. You have to make mistakes to learn, and mistakes are part of being human.

Am I broke? Well, sort of — but I have work, I just have to be more careful allocating it these days.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be unwise and spend money on a copy of Super Mario 3D World as a coping mechanism. Hope all you that have stopped by to read have a joyous Thanksgiving with your family.

That’s my plan.