A fan and subscriber to our Inside Gaming Subreddit, MrTTom, created this incredibly cool tribute logo to Inside Gaming. It includes quotes and inside references from over the years, from “flame wars” to “ten Cernys” to even the prolific “Skyrim with Guns.”

As one of the show’s longest-time watchers (from when it was first called Inside Halo and hosted by a man named SodaGod), and even part of the team, I have an immense appreciation for not just the logo, but all of the show’s long-running references. With the way the audience has changed and grown over the years, it’s always been a worry of mine that some of the audience who remembers the old jokes will have stopped watching or moved on.

It’s great to see that people still remember activating the quasars, getting crazy with mideon, and flaming wars, among other things.