Day one.

So this past year has been killer on my brain and my body. Between work shifts, layoffs, mentally taxing senior classes and final projects, software engineering efforts and family issues, loss of friends and close ones, to downright misuses of time, it’s been an interesting 2013 to surpass. I’ve been inconsistent in my dieting habits and exercise efforts, and that’s rough for me, being a hard-training XC/track athelete in high school and for the first two years of college.

But next week finals end and time opens up, and I’ve got an opportunity to get those parts of my life back on track. But I’m trying something interesting, and oddly a little foreign, to get started. I’m giving this Wii Fit U thing a shot. No, I’m not using it exclusively — I’ll be going on regular 3 mile runs like I used to do every day (and then some), as well as strength training at the gym. But I’m going to give this Wii Fit U meter and the channel on Wii U a try (it has yoga, aerobic games, etc).

Actually, I’ve kind of already started. And so far, I like it.

I’ve never really done yoga outside of the rare occasions where my XC coach (in HS) would introduce stretching exercises akin to yoga. I’ve been told since that many pro athletes do yoga in some form or another, be that 1-2 exercises or a full-fledged class at a gym or rec facility. I’ve done a few of the core muscle trainer bits, and so far it’s pretty promising — and totally seems to be working.

The meter works quite well too — it’s tracked my steps very, very accurately (and as meticulous as I am about detail, that’s a pleasant surprise). Turns out walking around campus (our very large one at that) from my apartment burns a good number of calories worth tracking.

Combine this with going back to a runner’s diet — boiled egg whites, turkey sausage, tuna, chicken breasts, and anything else low in fat and bad carbohydrates and high in protein, and I’ve got a promising plan. My family’s genetic metabolism doesn’t have a glistening record, but when I get into a groove I get into gear pretty quick.

And thankfully, with this senior project app out of the way and work for the year wrapping up, December looks pretty bright.

Now if you’ll pardon me — I’m going to snag a shower and play Mario 3D World. Yes I already worked out today GET OFF MY BACK, INTERNET.