Hiking: Appalachian Trail: Carver’s Gap to US 19E (Roan Highlands)

I’m in love with the Appalachian Trail. The peace, tranquility, and breathtaking views are abundant on the AT, and I’ve only seen the NC parts by and large (the whole thing stretches from Georgia to Maine, if you didn’t know)!

So when I did my first multi-day hike on it back in the summertime, I knew I had to come back. And since my little sister is getting ready to leave for a big multi-month mission trip soon, I thought it a perfect opportunity to bring her with me and share that cool backpacking experience with her.

We did the same route I did last summer, which is a chunk of the AT typically referred to as the “Roan Highlands”, or if you’re doing a section, “Carver’s Gap to US19E.” Though we went from Carvers to Highway 19 in the summer (my friends and I), my sister (Haley) and I only wanted to take one car. Since all the views up to and including Hump mountain are the best the section has to offer, and we didn’t want to leave a car at US19E, we decided on starting at Carver’s Gap and doing an “out and back” to Hump mountain over 2-3 days.

So we did.

We changed our plan from a 3 day 2 night trip to a 2 day 1 night trip due to cloudy and cold weather rolling in on day 2, but we didn’t cut any mileage, only time. Some would call that less of a loss and more of an accomplishment. Either way, the route back was merciless on our muscles and bones, but boy did we have a fantastic time.

If you do one section of the AT in NC, do this one. Photos below. Full album here.

12182440_10207752308951554_2300848882976514622_o 12182445_10207752308431541_3110201866156876212_o 12182604_10207752314831701_6388492236603133513_o
12182941_10207752330032081_2736174658482729309_o 12184166_10207752322271887_6196942710905368865_o 12186643_10207752322951904_831237136578056740_o 12186840_10207752311831626_7782308165270954298_o



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