Hiknig: Tanawha Trail (Blowing Rock, NC)

The Tanawha Trail is a diverse, well-marked 13.5 mile trail that runs from Julian Price Park to Bean Heights Overlook. It runs along the Blue Ridge Parkway, makes up a chunk of the Mountains-to-Sea trail, and waddles around Grandfather Mountain.

You should hike it.

Overall, Tanawha is a challenging and immensely enjoyable hike filled with fresh air, varied landscapes, and solid blazing. Recommendable to anyone who wants to challenge their “how many miles can I do in a day”, and even better for hikers trying to up their “thru-hiker readiness” in preparation for longer trips like the Appalachian Trail.

I started my journey at 7:50 am on Black Friday — November 27, 2015. I started at what many state as the “technical” endpoint of the Tanawha Trail — Julian Price Park. Books, maps and online guides claim as much too — but I’m a unique butterfly (and I was staying in Blowing Rock for the week, only 5 minutes drive from this trailhead) so I did it in reverse.

The results did not disappoint. I started at 7:50 am, and hiked until 2:15 pm. I didn’t hoof it, nor did I stroll necessarily, but I did want to complete another 10+ mile hike for the first time in a month. The Tanawha Trail seemed like the perfect candidate for a long-distance hike I could complete in a single trip, by myself, without having to refill on water or food.

Again, results did not disappoint. Let’s see some pics, shall we?Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 153Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 154Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 155Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 157Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 159Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 165Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 166Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 167Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 169Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 170Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 171Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 172Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 173Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 174Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 175Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 178Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 179Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 183Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 184Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 185Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 188Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 190Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 201Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 202Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 203Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 204Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 206Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 207Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 208Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 209Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 210Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 211Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 212Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 213Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 214Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 215Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 216Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 217Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 218Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 219Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 220Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 221Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 223Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 224Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 225Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 226Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 227Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 229Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 230Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 231Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 232Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 233Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 234Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 235Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 236Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 237Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 238Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 239Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 240Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 241Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 242Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 244Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 246Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 248Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 251Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 252Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 253Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 254Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 258Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 260Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 261Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 262Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 263Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 264Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 265Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 266Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 267Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 268Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 269Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 272Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 273Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 274Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 275Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 277Tanawha Trail (nexus 7) 280


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