Hiking: Glen Burney Falls Trail (Blowing Rock, NC)

On Thanksgiving, I was visiting my parents in the mountains. My father, not necessarily an avid hiker but certainly an outdoorsman (who hiked Acadia with me last summer), knew I was going for a hike and joined up. We needed a hike…

We wanted something nearby that offered a good workout and some swell scenery, but wasn’t an abundance of mileage (we had to be back mid-day for Thanksgiving preparation and consumption, not to mention the Panther’s game).

We decided on a recommendation my mom found online, Glen Burney Falls Trail. At roughly 3.2 miles round-trip, featuring waterfalls, a good mixture of hills and history, and a narrow but respectable view of the Blue Ridge, the Glen Burney Falls Trail is an easy recommendation to anyone wanting those things, or just a relatively brief hike that’s mere seconds from downtown Blowing Rock.

I’m actually not kidding, the trailhead sits in a park right down the road from main street. Blowing Rock is small, after all, so you don’t have to venture far before you’re in the forest.

Oh, and once you’re done, you’re within walking distance (2-3 minutes) of the Blowing Rock Brewery. Highly recommended!

Here are the details and photos!


You can find the trailhead in the parking area at Annie Cannon Park off Laurel Lane (right off main street).

Trail Difficulty Distance 
Glen Burney Falls Trail Medium-Easy, Hilly 1.6 miles in, 1.6 miles back (3.2 miles round-trip)

Other great links:

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