About This Blog

Let’s start with how, regardless of what the name of this blog may indicate, my last name is not Bloginson. It’s Robinson. But you can see how the cleverness of such a title would convince anyone in the position of naming a blog to go that route.

About Me

My name’s Landon Robinson. I’m a 5’7″, broad-shouldered, mostly Irish, Arkansas-born, Christian-raised southern fella with a love of the outdoors, family, games, and the world’s most entertaining instrument, the banjo. This blog exists largely to document my travels, my experiences, and my thoughts in digital form. This serves primarily as a place to come back to and rediscover those experiences personally, but also so that others might also stumble across it, and hopefully, derive some enjoyment from.

You may have found this place by a number of routes. Maybe it was my affiliation the games industry media space, where I spent the better part of four years reporting and covering the video game entertainment industry. Or maybe it was that weird, weird, weird phase of my life where I made online video content with video games called “machinima” and worked for a company of the same name, in some capacity or another, for nearly six years. Or, perhaps, you came across a posting of one of my hiking and camping trips, or one of my weird renditions of southern gospel songs on my 5-string banjo.

Whatever the case, I’m glad you find this stuff entertaining enough to sift through — each of these posts is memorable enough to me to take online note of it, so you can be sure I hold it in high personal regard.

But to get to the nuts and bolts of this page, this blog is a major dumping ground for any banjo covers, hiking recaps, camping escapades, travel endeavors, programming/computer science-term spouting, and overall personal thoughts on life, love and all that fun stuff in between.

And if for some reason you’re still reading, well, I congratulate you. The span of your attention greatly surpasses mine, as it took far too many attempts to write this sucker in one go. So, as a favor, here’s a favorite GIF of mine. Thanks for stopping by.