I post a lot about hikes on this blog. Heck, it’s in my blog description. So it’s clear to people who stumble across this place that I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and generally being outdoors. I figured it’s high time I post what gear I use, and some alternatives for those who don’t necessarily align with my tastes or preferences.

Here’s what I use on a multi-day, overnight trip. You can get a very detailed list with links to buy, formal descriptions, and more on this public Google Doc I wrote. Here’s the simple breakdown:

Item Brand Link
REI Flash 62 Backpack REI
REI Passage II Tent REI
Kelty Cosmic Down +0 Sleeping Bag Kelty
Camelbak 2L Water Bladder Camelbak
Lifestraw Water Filter Lifestraw
Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Sleeping Mat Therm-a-Rest
MSR PocketRocket Canister Stove MSR
MSR IsoPro Fuel Canister MSR
Fitbit Charge HR Fitbit


This is a grade-A tent, especially for the price. Double doors, space for 2, a great rainfly, vestibules on both sides, breathes well, and has a useful top pocket. If you can spare the extra cash, get the footprint to stretch out the life of this tent.



What a great, great backpack. Lots of space, light as a feather, sturdy as a 2×4, pockets galore, huge water bottle holsters, water bladder pocket, and plenty of buckles and straps to tie down your sleeping bag/tent/sleeping mat. And as of this post, it’s at a phenomenal price. I love this pack, though if you’re gone for several days, put some comfortable fabric on the shoulder straps — if you’re wearing thin clothing, it can wear on you a little bit. Not a lot, but a little.


This little sucker is a true rocket that fits in your pocket. It earns its name. No assembly required, just pop on a canister, turn the adjustable flame valve and light it with a match. You get a seriously roaring blue flame out of this guy in seconds, and several cups of boiled water in less than 3 minutes. MSR clocks it at 3.5 to 4 minutes to boil a liter, and my results were around there, if not a little faster. Perfect little stove for coffee, and foods that require hot water — oatmeal, dehydrated meals, etc. For $40, it’s a steal.


More pics coming soon!